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At Idea Houze, apart from exhibition service, we also create a uniform store experience and design across formats & location types, ensuring a chain image. Whether it is a small, bespoke space or a massive mass market store, our versatile team of multi-talented creatives specialize in developing the kind of retail environments that make for a memorable customer experiences while also raking in profits for the business. Our team works closely with the clients in translating their aspirations and thoughts into a workspace that carries the message and is comfortable, flexible and productive. From planning to site handover, we offer the complete solution. Interior design includes defining project goals, planning and site evaluation, concept, technology and engineering integration, cost and time management, tendering and construction management and project closure support.

Our Services Include:

  • Store & Space Design: At Idea Houze, our team of fabricators & designers aim at ensuring our clients utilize their space in smart and effective method. We plan and conceptualize the design our clients have, and then work on executing the same and coming up with more solutions to ensure your brand stands out from the competition
  • Environmental Graphics & Signage: A crucial element to keep in mind is the language the brand or store communicates and targets their ideal audience. Our innovative ideas and 3D designs ensure that your brand stays relevant in today‚Äôs highly competitive retail market, while engaging the customer and ensuring brand recall
  • Brand Identity: At Idea Houze, we translate the Brand code & its visual equity across all graphic elements to achieve recognition & differentiation across all touch points. Using show-stopping displays that convey the ethos of the brand
  • Furniture & Fixture Design: We work with a team of designers & fabricators to create customized furniture, fitting and fixture have to help assist uniformity through the expansion of a brand

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